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So, here’s a thing that’s been on my mind for a couple days.

Is it harmful to send homosexual children to conversion therapy to “fix” them? Clearly, to me at least, the answer is fuck yes. But, for the sake of argument, let’s say I’m wrong (I’m not) but for the sake of argument (No, I’m not wrong) Ok, just go with me on this (Fine…but I’m still not wrong) Enough, I’m trying to make a point……finished?

Ok, I’m going to pull this way back. When the Romans persecuted the Christians, they did so, not because of their “faith,” but because the Romans felt that what the Christians were doing, or NOT doing in this case, was causing harm to the rest of the population. This was a time when it was believed natural disasters were actually the result of angry gods. Tsunami hit? Someone forgot to tithe to Poseidon. Lightning strike and burn your house down? You must have pissed off Zeus. Yes, I know these are the Greek names, I don’t care. To me Jupiter is a planet, not a god. Anyway, everyone had to appease the gods, or in the case of the Jews, their God.

The Romans didn’t persecute the Jews for their faith, subjugated and treated like shit? Yes, but not because of which god they followed. As long as they followed and appeased A god, all was good on that front. But, after Jesus, when the word spread from Jew to gentile, there was suddenly a bunch of people, peasants mostly, that SAID they honored the same god as the Jews, but they did none of the things that was known to please that god. They didn’t observe the Sabbath, they ate pork, and didn’t circumcise. Drought? Raging fires? Earthquake? Who you going to blame? All the good Roman girls and boys left food at the feet of Athena, can’t be them. The Jews are still sacrificing lambs at the temple. Must be those dirty Atheists.

Yes, that’s right, Christians were considered Atheists because they didn’t honor any gods. They SAID they did, but not really, according to the Romans. Round them up, make them convert or kill them. If the Romans were right, and all the loss of life and property was because the Christians weren’t doing their share to stroke the ego of a petulant god, then they were right to step in, for the sake of everyone.

Of course, we now know that the gods have nothing to do with natural disasters. Right? Wrong. Now the tables are turned and it’s the Christians that think the behavior of certain people is pissing off God. People like, Jerry Falwell, Pastor John Hagee, and Pat Robertson all thought God punished us for storms or shooting or whatever. I also find it kinda funny (or would if it wasn’t so fucked up) that, at first it was thought the bad weather was caused by human behavior, and Christians denied it and said it wasn’t their God. And now, Global Warming IS caused by human behavior, and the Christians deny it and say it IS there God. I’m beginning to think the Christians don’t know shit about the weather. Also, if you are angry and thinking “I’m Christian and I’m not like that,” then this post isn’t about you. Calm down.

So, to bring this back around, is it harmful to force your homosexual child into conversion therapy (Fucking YES! It is!!) It depends on what is real. Is your gay son going to cause an earthquake that sends half of California into the Ocean? Is your transgender daughter going to make god throw a tornado through a trailer park and kill a bunch of people? Is their sexuality and gender identity a choice, or a curse from the devil? Are they going to burn in hell for all eternity for it? If so, then by golly let’s get them kids some help and save some lives!

But if their sexuality and gender identity isn’t a choice (it’s not), and their actions have nothing to do with the weather or tectonic plates (it doesn’t) and they are not going to go to hell (they wont), and you STILL send them to “get fixed,” you are causing them great harm. You are no better than a Roman throwing a Christian to the lions because there wasn’t enough rain last year.

Anyway, that’s the kind of shit I think about when I’m waiting for the next Netflix Marvel show to premiere. Only two more days until Iron Fist!!! I’m so excited.




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