Pay to Play

I’m getting a late start on this week’s Throw Oz Under the Bus Blog Challenge. I was up until 3:30am with my nine month old. He has decided that sleep is for chumps. Then I had to get up at 7:00am to dive several hours away and spend too much money so both my daughters can have matching ponies. So if I’m not overly articulate with this post, you know why.

Haflinger Ponies

On with the Challenge. This week’s winning suggestion is:

“If the state requires something (i.e. vaccines), then should the state be required to pay for it? Ad for extra credit: how much more safety legislation would be acceptable just to encourage the paranoid types to leave?”

My answer is No, and for extra credit, whatever it takes. Thank you and good night. I’m going to go catch up on some sleep…

Ok, I can feel your disdain through the temporal continuum. Longer answer? Right, longer answer.

First, the State has required things they shouldn’t have to pay for, for a long time. Auto insurance, smog check, uh… and a bunch of other stuff I can’t think of.

Oh, and I’m not sure when the government came together on the whole child neglect and reckless endangerment stuff, but when they did it became a lot less legal to starve your children and let them die from fixable injuries. You are legally obligated to feed your children, no matter how late the little bastards keep you up at night or how many times in a row they sing that fucking song from Frozen, or how much they hate everything you cook even when it was their favorite thing just last week, or if the peas touched the sauce on the chicken, AAHHHHHHH JUST PUT THE FUCKING FOOD IN YOUR MOUTH!!!………sorry, I touched a nerve there. Where was I? Oh, yes, you are required to feed your children but we don’t expect the State to pay for the food.

Same thing with medical care. If your child gets injured from falling off that religious high horse of yours, and you just keep trying to pray away the intracranial hematoma until your child dies, your ass is going to jail. Your ass SHOULD go to jail.

Hitchens quote

You are legally required to provide medical care to your children, but the government isn’t required to pay for it. And Vaccines? Oh don’t get me started on the anti-vaxxers. I don’t have enough time or Valium to deal with how much those uppity, brain-deficient, crunchy cocksuckers piss me off. I’ll just say that vaccines should be a requirement to live in our society, like a price of admission. A price the parent should pay, not the State.

Oh, and about the extra credit; I’m willing to go to just about any length of safety shenanigans if it would mean getting rid of the paranoid types. I’ll encase myself in bubble wrap, caution tape, and one of those suits people wear to train attacks dogs. Those people spread insanity and fear like chimps flinging handfuls of shit. Man, I wish there was an inoculation for stupidity.

Smiling chimp

As always, these views I spout are just off the top of my head. They are to be treated like the half-cocked, easily discounted, theories that they are. It’s like a starting point of a discussion. I say something stupid, you say something equally stupid, and we go back and forth until we agree on something far stupider than either could have come up with on our own.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Tell me how I got everything wrong in the comments.