Love is the Sun


This week’s blog challenge nearly did me in. 24 hours to write a poem on love? Are you kidding me? Anyway, to paraphrase my wife “It doesn’t suck”




Love shines like the sun,

Knowing no shadow or pain,

No hurt, blame, or shame

Life giving, eternal glows.


Of the world’s full occlusion

Between ourselves and the light.


It is we that spin

From the light ever again.

Waiting for the dawn

Not knowing to shine within


We are like Diamond

Formed from the pressures of strife

No Joy, love or life

Interred, forever unknown.


Of our own fool occlusion

Between ourselves and loves light.


We must cease the spin

From the light ever again.

Don’t await the dawn

Learn to shine all from within


We become the star

Knowing no shadow or pain

No hurt, blame, or shame

Life giving, eternal we know

There’s no real darkness

Shadows are nothing—harmless

Nothing between us and light


Let me know what you think in the comments. Thanks for reading


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3 Responses to Love is the Sun

    • ozmonroe says:

      It is difficult for me to write poetry about love. Typically I only write a poem when I’m emotionally distraught and I need to work through something. Love is not an emotion I need or want to work through, it is something I want to keep. This was a great exercise, thanks for suggesting it.

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