Tom and Nancy

Hello all. I would first like to apologize for the copout blog from two weeks ago and for completely ditching out last week. To quote the indomitable Ben Rumson  “I get melancholy every now and then. It’s a disease common to mountain men who live alone a lot, but if you stay with me such times, I’ll be OK.”

Sorry for the interruption. We now return to your regularly scheduled blog already in progress…

…and that’s why I stopped showering with ferrets. Oh, hello. Welcome back. I was just…never mind what I was doing. If I have to explain every bad decision I’ve made we’ll be here all night. On to the matter at hand.

This week’s blog topic has been challenged by another old friend. Thanks Heather.

Feminism vs Masculism (??), does society find “a tomboy” to be more acceptable than “a nancy” and why.

First let’s talk about tomboys. Men dig chicks they can drink beer with. Having a tomboy around is like having a spy on their side, someone that can interpret female thoughts into simple words they can understand. And, since men have much more societal power in the form of politicians, musicians, TV and movie producers, tomboys are cast in a much warmer light than their counterpart. Let’s face it, tomboys are hot as hell too. Growing up, I had a crush on every tomboy on TV: Jo Polniaczek, Samatha Micelli, Watts, Darlene Harris, Lindsay Wier, Allison Reynolds (I know she wasn’t strickly speaking a “tomboy”, but come on, Ally Sheedy was HOT in The Breakfast Club.”

Nancyboys, on the other hand, are seen as a threat. Tomboys are portrayed as straight, but (nearly) all the “nancyboys” on TV are homosexual. And if there is one thing men are afraid of, it is another man treating them like they treat women. “What if he tries to grab my junk in the locker room?”—“Why would he do that?”—“That’s what I’d do, if I was gay.”—“That’s because you’re an asshole.” What exactly is wrong with being a nancy anyway? So what if his hips sway more than Jessica Rabbit’s. Some of the toughest men I’ve met, gay or straight, didn’t know dick about sports, didn’t like beer, and could sing every Judy Garland song perfectly. A man in sequins can beat the shit out of the Boy Named Sue.

Frankly, anyone that would call someone a nancy is an asshole. Fuck those guys. They are the same men that say lesbians just haven’t found the right dick. You know what buddy? Maybe you think you’re straight for the same reason.

Thanks for reading.

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