The Reason

I don’t remember when the veil was lifted from my eyes and mind, but I do know that it came gradually, like the light of dawn after a seemingly endless night, when one finally looks outward and sees the pale blue sky and the first outlines of shapes in the distance and hears the first sounds of diurnal animals. Slowly, my eyes focused on the never before realized objects as a forest, but not one of simple trees, but one of knowledge, the wealth of information lay before me my whole life, but lost in the darkness I never knew what stood before me.

The veil lifted and allowed me to see that which was hidden before, allowed me to experience the true wonders of the world, allowed me to explore this new forest, where before I simply wondered in circles, never knowing there was more to this amazing world of ours.

Beautiful Star Forming

No longer did I allow the questions of why and what to pass me by, no longer did I accept the simple answers, no longer would I hear ‘because God made it that way’. No longer did I look at the beautiful, and awe inspiring engineering of a tiger, or a spider, or a flea, or a flower, or even a virus as a mold cast in the mind of God, placed on Earth for nothing more than his divine plan. I saw instead the billions of years, and millions of generations of species that fought and struggled for survival to produce this complex creature or plant. I saw the way photons played off the surface, absorbing some frequencies while reflecting others to produce the unique wave of the electromagnetic field that is blue, or green, or red, and dazzled in the way my own eyes transmuted this into the chemical reaction and electrical impulses we call ‘sight’.

Electro spectrum

The darkened veil of religion has been lifted to be replaced with the never ending exploration of the scientific method.

So, now I travel the winding path of life in the bright sun and see everything in the new light of dawn and wish I could share it with the world. I wish for everyone to feel the same joy every time I learn something new, the same bliss every time I teach what I uncover, and the same delight every time I find another unknown, for something unknown is another opportunity for more discovery, more joy, more bliss, and every dead end is a chance to look back at things from a new angle or new direction.

Brain Gears

I think back to that veil and wonder, how can I help others through the darkness? How can I shine the light on the path? How can I help others see what I see?

These questions are the drive behind the sleepless nights, the lost hours with my family and friends, the obsession with ‘getting it right’.

This, more than any other, is the reason I write.